Roche's work embodies movement reflective of current perceptions and self-examination. Each painting is an autonomous creation revealing an exploration and celebration of nature, diverse emotion, impulse, chance, the accidental and the unpredictable. Her work refers to ethereal figurative landscapes, and also encompasses conceptual abstraction through a fluid use of colour and composition.

In the quest to create transcendental scenes, Roche begins by envisaging a visual or physical experience, and then works on the canvas over a period of four to eight weeks: spilling, soaking, staining and reworking. Focus is centred on eliminating the brush gesture, resulting in a fluidity of colour that evokes a sensory response of the real and the imagined.

In 2008 Juju Roche completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts majoring in Painting. Roche went on to complete a Masters in 2012 at University of Western Sydney, focusing on teaching Art. The networks and techniques developed during her Arts degree and whilst working for Blue Mountain sculptor, Terrance Plowright, provided the experience and opportunities to broaden technical skills, create art for private collectors and businesses and exhibit on numerous occasions, both solo and collaboratively.